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Rapid Physiocare@ Tanjong Pagar
10 Anson Road 10-26
International Plaza
Singapore 079903


Rapid Physiocare@ Novena
8 Sinaran Drive 02-02/03
Novena Specialist Center
Singapore 307470


Rapid Physiocare@ Paya Lebar
1 Paya Lebar Link #01-06
PLQ 2, Paya Lebar Quarter
Singapore 408533


Rapid Physiocare@ Kovan
988 Upper Serangoon Rd,
#01-01 Stars of Kovan
Singapore 534733


Rapid Physiocare@ Buona Vista
9 North Buona Vista
Drive #01-20,
The Metropolis Tower 2
Singapore 138589


Rapid Physiocare @ Robertson Quay ( Arctic Fitness )
22 Martin Rd, #05-01,
Singapore 239058

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According to the World Health Organisation, approximately 2.3 million women were diagnosed with breast cancer in 2020. By the end of the year, it surpassed lung and prostate cancer to become the world’s most prevalent cancer. As with any other type of cancer, adjusting to the unforeseen challenges that come with this malignant disease and its physically-demanding treatments can be overall taxing. To ensure that lost disability-adjusted life years (DALYs)

Described as a time of rapture and fulfilment, pregnancy is a life event that naturally brings out the pure, unadulterated joy in many couples looking to grow their family. To make way for a new life within, the body undergoes massive physical transformations during the nine months of the pregnancy. Most, if not all, expectant parents would hope to have a smooth pregnancy where the safety of both mother and

Growing old is a natural part of life and the aging process is inevitable. Our body functions change as we age. No matter how big or small these changes might be, it is undeniable that one’s physical health will decline with time. Aging can bring about unique health issues, including musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, and neurological. As one ages, an overlap of these three categories may happen, leading to co-morbidities (coexistence of

Any surgery, planned or otherwise, can place the body under a lot of stress. To combat the effects of anaesthesia and surgery, the body prompts a surgery-induced stress response and works hard to repair the injured site. Often, this translates to an extended recovery period, one where one’s daily life can be interrupted. To ensure optimal recovery, rehabilitation is a must should a patient wish to resume their normal activities

COVID-19 has turned the entire world on its head, effectively changing the way most things are run. Where once remote working was unrelatable to many of us, this pandemic has forced us to convert our homes into make-shift workspaces in view of health and safety. While this helps curb exposure to the novel coronavirus, it cannot be said for musculoskeletal injuries. Homes that double as workspaces are hardly equipped to

Your body undergoes a major transformation to prepare for the arrival of your baby. It works hard to keep your baby safe and healthy. Upon the arrival of your precious one, your body will start to change again to facilitate the start of postpartum recovery. Similar to your pregnancy days, these changes will cover all areas - physical, emotional, and mental. The recovery period after labour is never linear, and it

Most people think that only athletes need to see a physiotherapist regularly, but the truth is, everyone can stand to benefit from a physiotherapy session or two. Physiotherapy is a form of treatment that helps restore, maintain and maximise function, movement, and overall well being. It is especially important in today’s age, where most people spend more than half of their waking hours not moving. This sedentary lifestyle, coupled with

Participating in sports is an integral part of healthy living - it’s excellent for your cardiovascular system, amazing for your muscular system, beneficial for your cognitive health, and so much more. With all of its great benefits, the last thing one would imagine to happen is to get injured in an attempt to be healthy. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence. Physical activities are naturally strenuous to the body. Compounded by

Getting out of bed in the morning marks the beginning of a new day, but it may be an excruciating start for people with plantar fasciitis. If you ever experience sharp, stabbing pain at the heel that is impossible to ignore, chances are, you have plantar fasciitis. What Is Plantar Fasciitis? Plantar fasciitis is a common cause of heel pain, accounting for 11 to 15 per cent of all foot symptoms that

When you’re pregnant, the body undergoes multiple changes to accommodate the growth of your precious little one. The most obvious being the expansion of your abdomen muscles as the uterus expands. Because of this, many women will notice an indentation in the middle of their bellies post-pregnancy. This is normal. In some women, however, they carry a wider separation that may need medical attention. This condition is called diastasis recti. What