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Boost Recovery With A Physiotherapist At Tanjong Pagar

There is no doubt that the human body can be very resilient. Our bodies can recover from large amounts of damage – from small scratches to broken bones. However, many people take this as an indication to let nature take its course and leave the injury to heal on its own. On the contrary, injury repair is less straightforward than that. There are a few things about injury healing that only a visit to a physiotherapist can help you out with.

Formation Of Scar Tissue

When a person has an injury, the body responds by repairing the damaged tissue, producing scar tissue in the process. However, scar tissue can cause ongoing pain and stiffness in the skin, muscles, and ligaments. Physiotherapy helps to loosen and break down collagen fibres, effectively reducing the amount of scar tissue. This will not only reduce pain, but it will also help speed up the healing process.

Damaged Proprioceptors

After an injury, your ability to sense the position of your body, otherwise known as proprioceptors, is often damaged. Damaged proprioceptors can lead to recurrence or increased severity of an acute injury – which is something you will want to avoid. The good news is impaired proprioception can be improved and even recovered so long as recovery is supplemented with a specific exercise programme that targets these areas.

Decreased Mobility and Flexibility

Following an injury, joints tend to be stiffer, ligaments may become lax, and muscles are almost always weaker. The pain may have subsided, but there are still the following factors to address. Physiotherapy helps to restore your strength, gain mobility and flexibility and enhance coordination as well.

Unfortunately, the body is no longer the same following an injury. In fact, it may be more susceptible to reinjury. Speed up your healing and avoid further injury complications by opting for physiotherapy.

If you’re looking for a reliable physiotherapist at Tanjong Pagar, our team of dedicated physiotherapists is here to help! Head down to our clinic at Tanjong Pagar to have access to an extensive list of services – including shockwave therapy, devising an exercise programme tailored to your needs, and more. Book an appointment with us today!