After her mastectomy, our oncologist referred my mum to Sheny. We were impressed with how quickly Sheny made herself available to discuss what she could do to help my mum with lymphedema.After her first session, Sheny taught us things we could do at home to help my mum with a faster recovery. What separated Sheny from other therapists we have had in the past was her soft-spoken, caring, warm and dedicated nature while trying to ensure that my mum got the best attention. As a professional, she was always on time for her appointment and never rescheduled our appointment because she was overbooked or was stuck in traffic.Sheny has a wonderful empathy and possess positive energy which is an added advantage to physiotherapist skills. We would like to thank her for an excellent service and for being there for us and would recommend her services to anyone.Thank you so much Sheny. You are such a blessing to us. God bless you and your family
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