Learning to navigate what life would be like with Jax was overwhelming, but Sheny was so comforting through the process. Sheny is just and amazing woman and physiotherapist, her passion and dedication comes from the Heart. Our beloved son was born premature and in addition was diagnosed with a very rare syndrome which meant he couldn’t move like other babies. It was very distressing for our family and we didn’t know what to do. Sheny started seeing Jax in the NICU and has been so helpful, soft and kind. We see her on a regular basis and the progress Jax is making is remarkable. Sheny is a gifted pediatric physiotherapist.Sheny continues to help with his gross motor skills as well as educating our family in ways that can help Jax reach his physical milestones. Our son benefits in so many ways every time Sheny visits and we are confident his development while slow if directly attributed to Sheny’s help.
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