We have started engaging Sheny as physiotherapist for our son, Emmanuel, since October 2016. My son has weakness of his right side leg up to the foot due to previous fungus complication in his spine due to low immunity & chemotherapy. He has & is miraculously surviving this complication & greatly because of a devoted physiotherapist, Sheny. At the beginning of his therapy, he cannot even straighten his right leg fully due to shortened nerves at back of his leg. His right leg & foot has very poor sensation from the normal about 1/5 rate. He can only flicker his biggest toe and the rest of the toes does not even move. but with persistent strategic massaging & care of Sheny, right leg was able to straighten again & foot can bend again in just a few days of session. We were so glad on that initial progress as we have tried doing massages for 5 months on our own and have not succeeded so well. We worked strategically on the time frame for us to achieve our goal on normal straightness & strengthening of his body especially his legs & foot. Sheny helped us understand what each exercises are needed and how much we needed to strengthen the left leg too as it needs to work harder than the right leg. It was a big progress for us when we have achieved it as otherwise he could not qualify for any prosthetics that could help him walk more independently. They started practicing with walking frame but still relying more on wheel chair when he is resting. He progressed to 4-legged stick cane when he started going to preparatory school last Feb 2017 and wheelchair on toileting use only. All these progress we are experiencing while alongside we planned on the measuring of prosthetics that will allow him to walk more independently and finally by Mar 2017 he had started using new prosthetics. Now, his right legs can swing & balance more and his big toes & all toes can flicker more until the muscles of his foot. He also walk with prosthetics most confidently without stick and the wheelchair is of no use to him at all. We are marveled by all his progress. We praise God coz He had given us the right people that can help Emman progress this much.Sheny had helped us so much in many ways on all of his recovery. She is like a family to us. She helped us do research when we were deciding for prosthetics for Emmanuel. She had extended beyond physio exercises for us by keeping on updating each other on every great miracles of Emmanuel (even those not even relating to physio anymore). She is with us in this journey like a lovely soul who share both our joys & sorrows and offered prayer for us. She can relate to me as a mother & will not stop on finding ways for Emman to progress. We can only pray for more patients to get this much care & devotion as Sheny has offered us. We also pray for her daily to be physically strong as being a physio deals more on giving all your strength as well.More power to you, Sheny! God can see your every genuine gift of love & care for your patients and we pray for him to reward you thousands fold more love & care.
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