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Manual Lymphatic Massage Singapore

MLD is a gentle, hands-on therapy that reduces a special kind of swelling(lymphoedema) and pain, speeds healing and improves mobility. It increases the flow of lymph through the body resulting in detoxification and the reduction of swelling and fluid retention.

Our therapists are certified under the Dr Vodder’s school and trained to provide manual lymphatic drainage (MLD), compression bandaging, compression garments, therapeutic exercises, and patient education to decrease the symptom.

MLD massage is a light form of massage which encourages the flow of lymph in the body. Besides, lymph is a slow moving system and plays a significant role in the blood circulation. Lymph system delivers essential nutrients, cellular waste, toxins, and viruses; therefore its proper functioning is quintessential. As it not only maintain good health of the body but also strengthened the immune system so that one can fight with the problem and remains unaffected.

The lymphatic system is present beneath the skin; therefore if any disruption occurs in its functionality may bring a body in serious trouble like spider veins, acne, redness, scar tissues but you don’t have to worry as our professionals know how to use cellulite treatments to bring the entire situation in control. Therefore despite waiting for auto recover, fix an appointment for Lymphatic Massage Singapore from our expert physiotherapist.