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Those who are little bit nervous about your health problems Rapid physio care is a good option for them, they offer good quality health care in Singapore. Rapid physio care is located in the Center Region of Singapore, it is a friendly and well established physiotherapy practice offering a wide range of rehabilitation techniques to treat wound and pain by correcting and improving the body’s natural healing mechanism. Physiotherapy novena helps to improve the functions and mobility of muscles. In Rapid physio care they provide all facilities for the patients and ensure their health.


About Physiotherapy

Are you wondering what it is and how it could help you?

Physiotherapy is the treatment for injury or disease by stimulating the body’s own healing process. It can assit in the treatment of the back and neck pain injuries, soft tissue injuries, muscular pain, osteoarthritis and joint care. We recognize that you are unique and require a personal treatment plan. Qualified and highly experienced physiotherapist use a combination of techniques to resolve your pain fast and get you active again.

Appointment Issues Within 24 Hours

Rapid physiocare have high qualified staff are on hands to give you the treatment you deserve. You will get the appointment as soon as possible, we won’t make it delay. We assure that you’ll get best quality and professional services from our physiotherapist.

Expert therapist in physiotherapy novena

Our physiotherapy novena experts play virtual role in maintaining and promotion overall fitness, health and also develop wellness programs for patients to live healthier and more active lifestyles. Our experts have up to date knowledge required to diagnose, treat the patients and they are able to find solutions to the ailments and helps to restore the functions.

We provide first class service in Musculoskeletal, Pre or Post Orthopaedic conditioning, Vestibular Rehabilitation, Antenatal/ Postnatal Classes, Incontinence, Osteoporosis, Neurological conditions, Home Care Rehab , Caregiver training. Injuries we commonly diagnose and treat like back and neck pain, jointpain, soft tissue trauma, acute chronic sports injuries, repetitive strain injuries..
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