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Spine Care

  • Low back pain due to poor posture.

Low Back Pain due to Poor Posture

Back pain is a common condition and over 80 percent of adults will experience back pain throughout their lifetime. The spine has a natural S-shape curve when viewed from the side. When unsupported from bad postures, the natural curves in the spine are distorted and misaligned. Loads are unevenly distributed creating tension in the spinal joint and muscle imbalances. Poor posture is one of the most common reason for low back pain.

Below are some common bad postures which will lead to low back pain:
    • Slouching 
    • Hyperlordosis  
    • Flat back 
    • Standing with one leg
How to Correct Bad Posture:

Muscle awareness plays an important role in correcting bad postures. Repeated body movements and strengthening exercises can help to increase the awareness and maintain a good posture. Here are some suggestions to achieve a better posture:


Pilates is a series of exercise movements which emphasizes on correct posture alignment, muscular balance, body awareness, and movement efficiency. Movements are delicate, allowing the engagement of the core muscles throughout the movements.

Back and Core Strengthening Exercises

Strengthening of the back and core muscles makes it easier to hold the torso up and straight. These exercises can be done by either using body weights, or with use of accessories like a gym ball or weights. 

Ergonomic workstation

It is important to set the workstation properly, especially when you’re working in front of the desk for long hours. Do note that:

    • Chair which supports the spinal curves monitor screen is at eye level.
    • Forearms and wrists in supported and in a neutral position
    • Adjustable chair height which allows both feet rested flat on the floor
    • Make sure that the back is resting onto the chair’s back support than sitting on the edge of the chair.  
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