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Tecar Therapy

Tecar Therapy

Powered by Radiofrequency (RF) Energy, TECAR Therapy is an advanced treatment that safely awakens the body’s natural ability to self-regenerate. It is totally non-invasive and 100% natural for the human body. RF is characterized as a high-frequency energy that ranges between 300 KHz and 1 MHz. As a non-surgical procedure, it involves no pain and no downtime. The term TECAR (Transfer Electrical, Capacitive And Resistive) was first used in Italy, since 1995.

The science behind TECAR?

An excellent treatment acclaimed by thousands of patients and high level sports people for its therapeutic benefits, it works by promoting the natural physiological processes of the tissue, metabolically, transferring energy without introducing radiation from the external environment.

Benefits of TECAR

  • Stimulate tissue regeneration and reduce pain
  • Increase in temperature along vascular route
  • Reduction of muscle spasms
  • Acceleration of swelling reabsorption and major metabolic reactions

TECAR energy produces a flow of ions with extremely fast electrical oscillations on the cellular level. These oscillations make the plasma membrane permeable, stimulating intra- and extracellular transfer, making tissues heal faster.

Here’s the effects of the energy transfer on the leg and observing the heating effect from just 20 minutes of treatment.

How is it applied?

This equipment contains a mobile electrode handled by the therapist, which treats the affected area, and a fixed electrode that is in contact with the patient’s skin, serving as a conductor.

The reactions produced by the capacitive system through the capacitive electrode are focused on tissues with higher electrolyte content, such as soft tissues and muscles, as opposed to the resistive system that focuses on larger and more resistant tissues such as tendons, bones and articulations. With these two modes of energy transfer, the therapy allows an increase in vasodilation, oxygenation, increase in microcirculation and increase in internal temperature.

What to expect from treatment?

  • Pain reduces and stimulate tissue regeneration from first session onwards
  • Faster recuperation
  • No pain during treatment compared to traditional methods
  • Clinically safe
  • Excellent levels of satisfaction with no downtime

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