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Antennal / Postnatal Classes

Antennal / Postnatal Classes

Physiotherapy can play a vital role in the prevention and management of the physical discomforts and problems that can arise from the way in which the body adapts and changes during pregnancy and after childbirth.

Post-natally, back and pelvic problems can continue due to the soft tissue and joint changes that have occurred during pregnancy, and due to the continued presence of relaxin in the body during the post-delivery period and whilst breastfeeding.Common physical problems experienced during pregnancy include low back pain, pelvic pain, upper back pain, rectus diastasis, carpal tunnel, bladder urinary incontinence.

How can our female physiotherapist help new mums and mums-to-be?

    Advice and education on issues such as posture, back care, lifting and carrying your baby, and on how the body changes both during and after pregnancy.

    Alleviate joint pains for example, back and pelvic pains associated with pregnancy and following childbirth, using a core stability training programme designed to help support the spine and other joints.

    Massage/soft tissue release for tight and overactive muscles, particularly around the spine, in response to the altered body shape and abdominal weakening

    Pelvic floor strengthening to help give support to the uterus, help with urinary incontinence, and facilitate an easier labour experience.


Physiotherapy can help to provide a healthier and more enjoyable pregnancy experience a safe and speedy return to ‘normal’ so that you can enjoy your baby and your experience as a new mum. At Rapid Physiocare , we are experienced in educating new mums and mums-to-be about what to expect as their bodies continually change throughout their pregnancy, and can advise how to deal with any physical problems as they arise. Often, the specifics of ante and post-natal musculoskeletal (MSK) changes are not taught as part of your routine ante and post-natal classes. Physiotherapists are highly trained professionals with in-depth knowledge and skills to address MSK issues as they arise during and after pregnancy and we are delighted to be able to offer such services to you.


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