Home Physiotherapist Singapore

Home physiotherapist singapore


Physiotherapist will diagnose, assess and treat patient’s physical problems and condition. Therapist develops and review treatment programs that encourage exercise and movement by the use of a range of techniques, educate patients and their careers about how to prevent and /or improve the condition. Home physiotherapist Singapore provides patient case notes and reports. Home physiotherapist are very caring, compassionate and professional at all times, will help patients with physical difficulties resulting from illness ,injury , disability or ageing to improve their movement .They will devise and review treatment programs using manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, electrotherapy and also provide advice on how to avoid injury.

What is home care physiotherapy?

If you are not able to leave your home and require physiotherapy at home, Rapid Physiocare allows physiotherapist to visit your home to help you to increase your mobility and better adapt your home environment, or even your work place.


This will include a complete physiotherapy assessment as well as treatment for a period ranging from three to twelve weeks of home physiotherapy visits. Patients can Including the children, elderly, stroke patients and people with sports injuries.Physiotherapy is a specialized branch in medical science. The treatment is the mixture of exercise therapy and electrotherapy. Physiotherapist is also known as doctor of movement. Therapist diagnoses the problem and provides the treatment to ensure that the problem won’t come again. home physiotherapy Singapore designs stretching exercise to reduce pain.

Understand the common physiotherapy treatment
1.Hands on physiotherapy
2.Physiotherapy taping
3.Acupuncture and dry needling
4.Physiotherapy exercise
5.Biochanical Analysis
6.Sports physiotherapy
7.Workplace Physiotherapy etc..

home physiotherapy Singapore supports the health care service, which assists the medical service in dealing with different aspects of treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of disorders utilizing exercise and electrotherapy procedures. It begins with an assessment of the patient’s condition including medical history in physical examination. Physiotherapy is not all about massage, but therapeutic massage constitutes a part of it. No need a referral from a doctor to see a physiotherapist, because they are the doctors of physical rehabilitation, physiotherapy clinic is not slimming center. Don’t take risk of trying physiotherapy on your own. Contact a therapist, then take advice from therapist then do the exercise.o meet physiotherapist wear comfortable clothes.Ensure you do not wear clothing which is impedes your movement. Therapist will need to evaluate your joint stability and movement.Speak to home physiotherapy Singapore on what exactly are your areas of pain and what level of function you would achieve through your sessions the therapist can understand the issue.

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