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Tele – Consult

Tele - Consult

Covid-19 has brought about some difficult/ challenging times for everyone especially for allied health care workers whether they are in the front line in public institutions or  private  clinics.

However these  challenging times also presents itself an opportunity in terms of tele-consult,which we at Rapid Physiocare team  feel is an under utilised and underrated service from a physiotherapy point of view.

We personally feel  it’s a boon for clients / patients who can’t attend face to face clinics especially during the circuit breaker period when they need our care & attention early days in to their rehab post a surgery or during an acute episode of pain that severely restricts their ability to function.

We also feel that it has its role  in  continuing care of patients specially when they are overseas and need our  advice when they cant travel to see us or have limited time & resources .

From a patients point of view, the majority of the patients have been very excited , motivated and open to this form of consultations, however some do have their reservations  about Tele-consult  as they value the human to human touch. 

Following is what one of our  client who was experiencing   a acute episode of low back pain shared when we  were  planning to explore teleconsult early into covid -19.


“Teleconsult would be very useful if it provides  value for money , expert advice , teach us how to manage our condition without risking our lives in these circumstances “ 


We  agree that Teleconsult cannot  replace the face to face consult  however it does provide some flexilblity in terms of how we can improvise and provide high value care to our clients in a safe environment. 



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